About Us

Technomarket.am is an online shopping platform, that allows the buyer to make online purchases from the assortment presented on the website and receive it in a short time to his desired location.

The legal owner of Technomarket.am online trading platform is “Technomarket” LLC, which is a system integrator in the field of information technologies.

Technomarket.am platform activity is based on providing a most profitable and high-quality services for the customer. Ensuring online procurement process, we focus on needs and requirements of our customers, presenting a wide range of high-quality products with lower prices.

Our strategic goal is to develop Technomarket.am online trading platform in all major directions, reaching and maintaining the leading position in the field of e-commerce providing products and services of noted market segment.

Our activities are aimed at achieving the following specific goals:

  •         Create an online trading platform that will combine the best offers of telecom and office equipment, electronics, accessories, as well as the software;
  •         Make available modern, ever-upgraded products for consumers throughout the Republic of Armenia;
  •         Offer exclusively modern and high-quality products, following the rules and standards of service, in accordance with the contemporary trade principles;
  •         With the help of modern forms and methods of purchases to make online trading much easier and available;
  •         By saving customers' time, make purchases more comfortable, profitable and fast on our platform;
  •         Promote e-commerce development in the Republic of Armenia.